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Could a SNES Classic Edition be next year’s impossible to get item?

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition was undoubtedly the most sought-after tech item this festive season. As the big day approached, you couldn’t get one for love nor money.

So it would make perfect sense for Nintendo to repeat the feat in 2017, by launching a new version of its beloved Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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While Nintendo can’t always be relied on to act with common sense (a 3ft controller cable for instance), new rumours suggest a 16-bit reincarnation could actually be on the cards.

A Twitter bot dedicated to unearthing patent applications has revealed an image of a Super Nintendo controller, which you can see below.


Next year would be the 25th anniversary of the SNES’ release in the United Kingdom.

The games only take up slightly more memory, so it wouldn’t be difficult to use mostly the same architecture as the NES Classic and simply change the casing

While this would be logical course of action, it’s far from certain to come to pass.

There are plenty of other reasons Nintendo may seek to trademark the controller design, especially given the amount of third-party knockoffs already on the market.

It may be seeking to re-release the peripheral for use on the Virtual Console, while Nintendo might also decide it want’s all the attention to be on the Switch by next autumn.

However, we’re hoping where there’s smoke there’s fire and we’re all sat around playing the original Mario Kart this time next year.

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