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CBeebies app rolls out Stephen Fry to stop your kids being such a nightmare

The Cbeebies Go Explore app has just introduced a new “mindfulness” experience voiced by Stephen Fry, which is designed to “help children de-stress and unwind”.

It could be a godsend if you’ve been struggling to keep the little ones entertained during the coronavirus era.

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The experience is called ‘Your Mindful Garden’, and it will give your children three activities to complete per day, each of which will address “a different aspect of mindfulness: focus, creative and calm.”

At the start, Your Mindful Garden will ask your child to dig a hole (in the app, not your kitchen) “to plant their own mindfulness tree” in − that’s the garden bit. After completing the full set of daily tasks, a reward will arrive in the form of a new decoration for said tree.

“Whether it’s playing hide and seek with the CBeebies bugs or helping some friendly fish to pick up colourful scales, the focus activities aid concentration, and in turn help to clear and relax the mind. The creative activities include recalling happy memories to grow a feelings flower, or calming the mind by raking patterns in a zen garden,” the BBC’s announcement reads.

“The final activity of each day is always something calming. From learning to stretch with a new monkey friend to breathing along with a frog, it’s all about learning valuable techniques that can help improve children’s wellbeing.”

And, of course, yours.

“It was such a pleasure to be involved with a simple, but beautifully designed idea like this,” said Stephen Fry, who is voicing the feature. “I hope and believe that many children will find the game fun, engaging and helpful in their journeys through life.”

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If you’ve not tried out the Cbeebies app yet, it’s free to download and available on both Android and iOS.