Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare campaign trailer released

The new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare campaign trailer has been released, showcasing the game’s single player storyline.

The game’s storyline is set after what Call of Duty is calling the “first global terrorist attack in history”, with the game set in the near-future.

Striking nuclear reactors on five continents all at once, it was inevitable that the entire world would be thrown into disarray.

Thanks to the strikes, the government and military forces have been somewhat crippled, causing them to turn to a private military company for help.

“With nations brought to their knees by a global terrorist attack, the world turns to Atlas, the largest private military company on the planet. Power, though, changes everything,” reads the YouTube trailer blurb.

Atlas rebuilds the cities and helps the population, but it turns out that they are a lot more powerful than the governments themselves.

Of course, Atlas is headed up by Kevin Spacey’s character, Jonathan Irons, who definitely has a touch of the House of Cards about him.

“Ideas don’t determine who’s right, power determines who’s right. And I have the power. So I’m right,” explains Irons in the trailer.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on November 4.

Those who pre-order now will get access to the Advanced Arsenal DLC. This includes a custom bullet brass themed exoskeleton and the EM1 Quantum energy weapon for multiplayer.

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