BT ups its 4G game with new mini hub and tablet plans

BT is going head to head with the likes of EE, Three and Vodafone by launching its first own-brand 4G mini hub, alongside a selection of tablet plans.

Let’s start with the 4G mini hub, because it’s the more interesting of the two – and comes with a sweetener for existing BT Broadband and Plus customers. The hub itself is described as “pocket-sized” and allows up to 20 devices to connect simultaneously, with up to eight hours of battery life.

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It comes free with a 24-month contract, which starts at £15 per month, but as every plan comes with a £5 monthly discount for Broadband and Plus customers, it’s effectively £10 for 3GB or 6GB (Plus customers get double data).

The same discount and double-data bonus applies all the way up, meaning that customers can alternatively opt for £12/£17 for 6GB/12GB, £17/£22 for 15GB/30GB or £23/£28 for 30GB/60GB. All packages give customers access to BT Wi-Fi around the country, and if you have a plan with 6GB data or over you also get BT Sport on the house.

Of course, you may consider a tablet and data plan a better solution than a 4G hub, and BT has two on offer initially. No iPads here – it’s a direct choice between the 8-inch Huawei T3 or the 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

The former will set you back £12 per month for 3GB data, £14 for 6GB, £19 for 15GB or £25 for 30GB, with upfront costs dropping from £30 to £10. Once again, all of these benefit from double the data if you’re a BT Plus customer.

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If you’d prefer the bigger screen of the Galaxy Tab A, you’re unsurprisingly looking at a bigger outlay. It’s £16 for 3GB, £18 for 6GB, £23 for 15GB or £29 for 30GB, with upfront costs ranging from £50 to £10. Sadly, there’s no discount for BT broadband customers eyeing up the tablets.

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