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Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer shows off new combat

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios has released a new Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer showing off new combat moves.

The new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer, entitled Ace Chemicals Infiltration – Part 1, showcases ome of the new combat and exploration moves at Batman’s disposal in the new game.

This latest three-and-a-half-minute gameplay clip shows Batman infiltrating the Ace Chemicals plant, where he becomes an unstoppable one-man machine armed with new combat moves and the Batmobile itself.

Batman takes down the guards with the Batmobile, manages to grapple a makeshift entrance and then the car launches him into the air and directly into combat.

He can then transport the civilians to safety behind the armour clad Batmobile too.

You can even spot a snippet of the new combat skill for Batman: Arkham Knight, known as the Fear Takedown. As the name suggests its one of the more aggressive moves that Batman demonstrates.

The trailer also gives you a look at Batman’s nemesis in Arkham Knight, who is the eponymous Arkham Knight.

Another of the new features Rocksteady has been able to do with Batman: Arkham Knight is increase the verticality, which is evident when Batman soars from the building in the open segment of the latest trailer.

Two more Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailers will be released between now and Christmas. The next will arrive on December 1 followed by the third on December 6 during the PlayStation Experience keynote.

Batman: Arkham Knight was originally due to be released this autumn, but was subsequently delayed to 2015, with a tentative release date of June 2.

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