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Average UK 4G speeds hit 15.1Mbps

The average download speed for 4G mobile internet in the UK weighs in at 15.1Mbps, according to a new Ofcom report.

At that speed, files can be downloaded at a rate of 1.88MB per second – plenty good for streaming media.

It’s also a darn sight higher than the UK’s average 3G download speeds too, with Ofcom’s tests revealing the average 3G speed to be clocking in at 6.1Mbps – that’s around 0.76MB of data per second.

In fact, the lowest average 4G speed was faster than 33% of average 3G speeds, although Ofcom did note that 4G networks ‘are still slightly loaded’ due to having comparatively lower subscription numbers.

Ofcom conducted its tests across five major UK cities, namely London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Interestingly, Edinburgh came out on top in terms of 4G download speeds with 16.8Mbps, while Manchester landed first place for 4G upload speeds, measuring in at 13.2Mbps.

The report also revealed that EE offered the best 4G download speeds in the UK, averaging out at a relatively beefy 18.4Mbps.

London also emerged as the hub for nippiest 4G speeds, although the capital came dead last for 3G speeds. We’re guessing this is due to the huge number of 3G users the city likely boasts.

Despite 3G-usage dominance, Ofcom did note that UK consumers have ‘been quick to take up the new 4G services.’

More than 9 million people can access a 4G service, and this figure is set to rise rapidly as the coverage of 4G increases a more 4G-capable devices are launched.”

Ofcom’s report comes days after the regulator pledged to tackle growing 4G demand with a spectrum auction next year.

Late 2015/early 2016 will see network providers battling over prime 4G frequency bands, with bids expected to hit eight figure sums.

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Via: Ofcom