Asus to launch two new products at CES 2014

Asus has released a CES 2014 teaser trailer, suggesting the company will launch two new products in January.

The rather bizarre Asus CES 2014 video teaser offer little information about the duo of new products to be announced, but does give us a few clues.

First of all, the video opens on the Statue of Liberty giving what looks to be a peace sign, but is most likely indicating a dual product launch for the January Las Vegas-based technology show.

However, it could mean that the new Asus products serve a dual-purpose – perhaps running two operating system within one device.

The Statue of Liberty is holding what looks like a biblical-style tablet in one hand, which at first flashes blue and then green intermittently.

The New York statue then whips another tablet from behind her back, which also changes colour from green to blue.

Now, in the technology world, blue is usually associated with Microsoft Windows, while green is for Google Android.

This may mean that Asus is preparing to launch two new dual-boot Android/Windows tablets at 2014.

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The company could also launch a successor to the Asus Padfone or Asus Fonepad in January.

Either way, the Asus video teaser leaves us with the rather ambiguous “Green or Blue? One or Two?” to ponder until CES.

Let us know what you think Asus could launch at CES in the comments below.

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