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Apple sued over former iPhone users’ lost messages

Apple is facing a lawsuit in the United States over an iMessages issue that prevented mobile users receiving text messages after leaving iOS for Android or other rival platforms.

The issue resulted from then-iPhone users registering their mobile numbers to the iMessage service. After eschewing their handsets for Android, users’ messages would not be received on the new device.

Apple did not inform users of this potential disruption, but finally released a tool allowing former iPhone users to deregister their numbers from iMessage earlier this week.

However, that late move is not enough for Judge Lucy Koh (of the Apple-Samsung trials fame) who says a lawsuit filed this year in relation to the issue should now be allowed to go ahead.

The plaintiff Adrienne Moore claims the blocking of messages disrupted her service with Verizon when she opted to switch from an iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S5 in April.

According to Moore, who is claiming unspecified damages, Apple is at fault for failing to reveal the issue to users who left the iPhone platform. Judge Koh says the case deserves to be heard in court.

The Judge wrote: “Plaintiff does not have to allege an absolute right to receive every text message in order to allege that Apple’s intentional acts have caused an actual breach or disruption of the contractual relationship.”

In filings to the court Apple says it never claimed iOS 5 users would be able to receive messages when switching to rival platforms, but most would expect that would go without saying.

Apple has not responded to requested for comment on this latest development but it appears we’re all set for another legal battle involving the Cupertino-based firm.

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Via: Reuters