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Apple finally releases iMessage deregister tool

Apple has released a web tool that allows you to quickly deregister your phone number from iMessage.

Ever since the launch of Apple’s messaging service, iMessage, back in 2011 there have been major issues whenever iPhone users have switched to a non-Apple platform such as Android.

If you don’t remember to deactivate iMessage on your old iPhone, it can lead to messages from iPhone-owning contacts never getting through to you.

In such cases, the only way to fix the issue was to go into your Apple account and deregister the device entirely. That’s a bit of a bind if you frequently switch phones for work.

Apple seems to have been unable to fix the issue through successive iMessage software updates, so it has now released a web tool to deactivate iMessage from a device remotely.

Located in a new support page over on the Apple website, the new tool asks you to put the phone number in question into a text box, along with your country. When confirmed, the tool will text that number a six digit code.

Put that code into a second text field and submit, and the number will be instantly deregistered from iMessage.

It may have taken three years, but it seems Apple has finally provided a simple(ish) solution to all those iMessage messages spinning off into the void.

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Via: TechCrunch