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Apple hits $1,000,000,000,000 value – here’s what you could buy with that

On August 2 2018 – after more than a year of flirting with the number – Apple became the first publicly-traded company ever to reach an official valuation of $1 trillion. That’s an astonishing $1,000,000,000,000.

The extra zero was finally added on Thursday as Apple’s market capitalisation soared on prices of $207 per share, following this week’s better-than-expected quarterly earnings report.

The mark, reached surely before 9am California time (5pm UK time), is likely to fluctuate above and beyond the figure in the coming hours and days. At the time of writing, Apple has fallen back to around $959bn. Apple was able to beat Amazon to the trillion dollar mark, which itself is closing in on unfathomable valuation.

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So what does $1 trillion mean in real terms? Well that figure is greater than the GDP of 174 countries around the world for a start. Great Britain’s is currently $2.6 trillion in case you’re interested.

If Apple sold up for that value today and bestowed it upon an individual, said benefactor could buy an iPhone X for a billion people. If the new trillionaire fancied getting into the sports game, they could buy the top 50 sporting franchises in the world… 8 times over. Or 7,692 Ronaldos, if that floats your boat.

Speaking of boats, You could use that cash to buy 740 of the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Sea cruise ship, which is the largest and most expensive ever built.

Apple could probably just use that money to help solve world hunger and climate change too, but you know… yay for capitalism!

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