Amazon smartphone features could include tilt gestures

The Amazon smartphone features could include tilt gestures that could change the way you interact with the device.

There have already been multiple rumours that Amazon’s first smartphone will use four additional cameras to create a 3D effect interface, but now a new report has unearthed some new information surrounding the smartphone’s features.

According to BGR’s “multiple trusted sources”, the Amazon smartphone will offer a range of unique gesture controls that will work with multiple apps.

Apparently, you’ll be able to tilt the handsets in specific directions to display additional information within the user interface, without actually having to touch the screen.

For example, the tilt gestures in the email and calendar apps will let you see the functions of small icons without labels. The maps app will present Yelp review ratings for results when the phone is tilted.

Also, IMDB ratings will be listed on top of movie thumbnails in the Amazon video store using tilt gestures, plus you could also use gestures to scroll through items in the Amazon store itself.

Tilting within the messaging app will apparently bring up your camera roll for quickly inserting a photo in your messages, while the weather app will give you a long range forecast.

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You should also be able to tilt the smartphone to turn pages in the Kindle app or scroll through web pages.

What’s quite worrying is that Amazon’s smartphone might not even feature traditional menu buttons at all, even on-screen ones. Instead, you’ll need to access menus and other navigational functions by tilting the phone from side to side, causing panels to slide in from off screen.

We’re not entirely convinced this will be a popular feature unless Amazon executes it particularly well. We can just see users not only finding the navigational functions a little tricky to get to grips with, but we reckon accidental tilts will be frequent and irritating.

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