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4K TV sales have finally taken off in 2014

The world may now be ready to upgrade to a 4K TV, according to newly released sales figures.

Though 4K or UHD televisions have been around for several years now, it’s remained a niche product mainly targeted at wealthy early adopters. Full HD 1080p sets have remained the go to choice for most people.

However, the trend is finally starting to shift in 4K’s favour, according to new figures released by market research firm DisplaySearch.

4K TV shipments have taken a large leap forward in 2014. During the third quarter, sales increased a whopping 500 percent over the same time last year. This has brought total 4K TV sales up to 6.4 million for the year.

So who is buying all of these ultra high definition TV sets, you might wonder? China is, by and large. The country was responsible for 60 percent of all 4K sales in Q3.

Samsung continues to be the top global 4K TV manufacturer, with 36 percent of the market in Q3. Local rival LG is in second place with 15 percent, and China’s Hisense is third with 10 percent, thanks largely to the aforementioned large uptake of the 4K standard in China.

It’s been a good year for TV sales in general, with overall TV sales increasing 4 percent year on year, and LCD sales in particular increasing by 9 percent.

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