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How to clean your tablet

Got an iPad or an Amazon Fire that needs a quick once over? Here’s how to clean your tablet without damaging it.

You may well be doing extra-vigilant hand-washing at the moment, but chances are you’re not scrubbing your digits every single time before you pick up your tablet.

As such, it’s a good idea to learn how to clean your tablet to remove any nasties on the surface, along with your grubby fingerprints.

Before you start, remember to power down your device and make sure it’s unplugged. You don’t want to mash any buttons while you’re wiping it down.

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How to get rid of surface dirt

You’ll first want to find a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning. This should be the only type of dry cloth you use on your screen. Don’t be tempted to scrub with anything that has a scratchy surface; avoid using paper towels or anything else abrasive.

Then gently wipe across your screen. Most tablets have a special surface that is oil resistant, so your grubby fingerprints should come away quite easily. Again, don’t be tempted to try and rub them off with a scratchy sponge, as you’ll just tear away the special coating.

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How to disinfect your tablet

If you need to go the extra mile, try getting some isopropyl-based alcohol wipes or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Apple has recently confirmed that these can be used on the company’s products to disinfect surfaces.

But we’d still recommend being a little cautious with these types of wipes, as they could remove the coating on other non-Apple tablets.

Avoid using any strong disinfectant you might already have under the kitchen sink and never directly squirt anything onto your tablet. If you’re determined to get some antibacterial stuff on there, squirt a small amount onto a cloth and wipe very gently across the surface.