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Best Star Wars Toys 2018: These are the toys you’re looking for

LEGO First Order Snowspeeder

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Star Wars and LEGO go hand in hand, so it’s hardly a surprise that there are a tonne of models based on The Force Awakens. This particular speeder isn’t the most glamourous or tricky to build, but it’s full of slick touches – the turrets that actually fire being one.

Three snowtrooper mini-figures are included in the package – a bit of variety would have been nice. Nevertheless, they’re nicely detailed with with extra weapons, helmets and stickers.

If you’re looking for a completely original Force Awakens creation, or don’t want to splash out on the swish Millennium Falcon or Poe Dameron’s awesome-looking X-Wing, this snowspeeder is a safe bet.  

Buy Now at from £28 | from $31.99

At time of review the LEGO First Order Snowspeeder was available for £39.99.