Best 3DS Games 2017


Another year, another Skylanders. But this time, the Activision toys-to-life genre lets you fly planes, drive cars and pilot water-based crafts – along with an ever-growing cast of Skylanders characters.
Kaos is back and once again he’s captured Master Eon, taken over the Skylands and is preventing the world’s portal masters from fixing everything.
The gameplay itself has evolved, and not just because of the vehicles. The way they’re used are totally innovative for the genre, including some awesome underwater side-scrolling shoot-em-up sections.
Vehicles are all upgradeable with various parts and perks, just like the normal figures, so be prepared to do some serious looting.
You only get a car and a pair of Skylanders characters in the Starter Pack this time around, and if you want to access all the areas of Superchargers you’re going to need at least one boat-type vehicle and a plane. That pushes the price up somewhat, but you’ll be left feeling you’ve not taken advantage of the game’s full potential otherwise.
It’s a great game, despite being the most expensive entry to date, and one that we keep coming back to.
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At time of review Skylanders SuperChargers was available for £49.99.