Best 3DS Games 2017


You may not have heard of Little Battlers eXperience before, but in its native Japan it’s a huge series with its own anime show and a boatload of accompanying merchandise.
For us Westerners, it’s a brand new game developed by Level 5 – famous for the Professor Layton and Fantasy Life games.
Little Battlers eXperience is all about its titular robots, which are tiny droid small enough to fit in your pocket, but still packed with destructive power.
It’s an unexpected treat of a game, that’s a near perfect package for those of you that love a game that mixes RPG elements with real-time combat. Plus, Little Battlers eXperience offers stunning animated sequences and impressive voice acting that just serves to complete the package.
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At time of review Little Battlers eXperience was available for £29.99.