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Best iPhone Apps: 16 of the best apps for iPhone


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What is Citymapper?

Don’t know what Citymapper is yet? If you live in London, Birmingham or Manchester – not to mention many big cities around the world – you’re missing out. This is a travel app that helps you get around some of the world’s biggest cities, whether you’re after a cab, want to cycle or — the main event — need to use public transport.

What’s good?

Citymapper offers superb journey planning for public transport. As well as hooking into the live times for trains and buses, it’s happy to flick between modes of transport in its journey plans to get your wherever you’re going, fast.

You can set your work and home locations, making finding your way to each a 45-second job. And it’s just as easy to find your way to…. wherever from where you are. There’s a text box right up at the top of the default app screen, letting you simply type a location in.

If you’re after a cab rather than a bus, Citymapper will also show you an estimate of the cost, and how long it’ll take. The amount of data you can pull out of the app is a little incredible.

It’s a lot more useful than the official apps of the various transport services too, letting you see what buses are about to arrive at the stops nearest where you are. This is an app we find ourselves missing whenever we’ve forgotten to install it on a phone we’re testing.

What’s bad?

Only limited cities are covered by Citymapper at present. In the UK that means London, Birmingham and Manchester. We wouldn’t blame the rest of you city-dwellers for being a bit peeved.

Citymapper also uses Apple Maps on iPhones when, if we had the choice, we’d rather have Google Maps. As well as being flat-out better in some respects, the less stylised visuals of Google Maps can often seem that bit clearer. Plus, it’s better at displaying train stations.

The colour scheme of the app is perhaps a bit loud too. Does such a practical app really need a bold three-colour look? But really we’re just looking for things to complain about. It’s one of the very best iPhone apps.

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