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Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 review

Andrew Williams



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Pure Siesta Mi Series 2
  • Pure Siesta Mi Series 2
  • Pure Siesta Mi Series 2
  • Pure Siesta Mi Series 2
  • Pure Siesta Mi Series 2
  • Pure Siesta Mi Series 2
  • Pure Siesta Mi Series 2
  • Pure Siesta Mi Series 2
  • Pure Siesta Mi Series 2


Our Score:



  • DAB tuner
  • Affordable price
  • Clear display


  • Mediocre sound
  • Feels a bit cheap

Key Features

  • Dual alarm
  • 2in driver
  • Backlit LED display
  • MiniUSB power
  • FM/DAB tuners
  • Manufacturer: Pure
  • Review Price: £34.99

The Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is the DAB radio master's latest attempt at a bedside clock radio. It's small, it's extremely affordable at £35 and it provides DAB stations, where the majority of bedside radios make do with musty old FM.

Although it offers this extra key feature, the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is designed to look just like any other bedside radio. It's sorta flat, with a slightly angled screen to make viewing it from the comfort of your bed - as it wrenches you from sleep - easy.

Pure Siesta 4

The Pure Siesta Mi is very light, it's made of matt black plastic - although a white model is also available - and while there are no parts that creak suspiciously or feel as though they're about to fall off, it does feel a little cheap. However, this is really what the Siesta Mi models are about. If you want something that feels swankier, you should check out the non-Mi Siesta model or the much-larger Pure Chronos units - which start at around £80.


All the controls for the radio are up top. They're grey plastic buttons and - like the box itself - while they don't look or feel fantastic, they do the job just fine.

Looking a bit closer at these buttons, Source switches between the DAB and FM tuners, the two alarm buttons give you easy access to the two different alarms, and Presets opens-up your favourite radio stations. The rest - Sleep, Snooze, Volume and Menu - are all pretty self-explanatory if you've used an alarm clock before.Buttons

The only non-obvious decision here is to give the alarms separate buttons, which will come in handy for those with partners on differing schedules. Alarms can be set off daily, just the once, at weekends or week days, and they can spark off an FM or DAB radio station, or the alarm tone. It's a generic beep that you'll never learn to love, but that's hardly the point.

Up above the buttons is the speaker grill, in-laid with little circular cut-outs. Underneath these is where the lone 2in full-range driver sits. It fires upward - the only possible orientation gives the squat design of the traditional bedside radio.

Pure Siesta 2


Unlike Pure's other radios, the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 has no audio output - no connections at all bar the unusual miniUSB power port. Although it is at first surprising to see miniUSB rather than a traditional round power socket, it makes the radio more versatile. It seemed to have no problems powering off the USB socket of a computer.

Pure Siesta 5

There's a little recess on its bottom to keep the cable from getting in the way, and the aerial also lives down here. It's a simple wire affair that you'll have to stick to the wall if you're in a poor signal area. Although not as effective as a good telescopic aerial, it lets the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 stay all the more unassuming.


January 25, 2013, 9:15 pm

I found that the display was too dim, with insufficient contrast to see the time from across the room. Also the zero digits on the time display have lines through them. This makes sense to differentiate Number 0 from letter o for radio stations, but makes it difficult to tell 8s from 0s in the time display. As the review says, the brightness is not adjustable in the menu, probably because the dispay's basic contrast is not particularly good. For the technically competent, the modification of soldering a 680 ohm resistor across the light sensor photodiode makes the display back light work at full brightness at all times. Much Better! I found the menus pretty easy to navigate without reference to the instructions, which is always a good sign. The sound is pretty good too considering the plastic housing.


September 19, 2013, 4:25 pm

I have the same problem as Andrew does the display is not bright enough and so small you cant read it if you have the clock at the end of your bed. I was very disapointed with this clock after paying alot of money for it. The other functions on it are easy to use and work well but its just the poor display and size of the display that lets this down. I had to go out and buy a new alarm clock in the end as i just couldnt cope with this one.

For those wondering my eye sight is pretty good i dont wear glasses or nothing and still struggled to see the display from maybe 2 meters away.


November 6, 2013, 10:20 am

Horses for courses: the great thing about this DAB is the very dim display. It is bright enough during day and gets right down to VERY dim at night. This is actually perfect for those of us who don't like digital displays that can be bright enough to read by! Few displays dim right down in darkness. And it is a bedside radio (clue in the name) - designed to be visible from the bedside, not the other side of a room.


February 8, 2014, 5:43 pm

I have this Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 & the display is bright & very clear love the Auto-dimming LCD display & Automatic clock updates


April 13, 2015, 3:44 pm

Received this as a b'dY present, as i had been lloking for an alarm with preset radiostations, like any car has. This does have the preset stations, but, as the light dims in the dark, you cannot read anything it says without putting glasses on, or the lights. The manufacturer seems to think it's an assett, I wish i could change it!!!!


December 30, 2015, 6:30 pm

Got this after my Pure Mini's on/off switch stopped working. For a company that sells itself on great British design, you'd think they could manage the basics but unfortunately not. Both the Mini and my Oasis (£100) have terribly unreliable power switches (and the Oasis battery is an expensive joke, BTW). Sound quality is, however, worth the aggravation. BUT this little clock radio is TINNY. Not as ridiculously pricey as the other models, but horrible sound. Really disappointed with Pure on this count.

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