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iOS 8.4 Features: What's new?


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iOS 8.4 has landed with Apple Music. What's new? We take a look

Apple has officially released iOS 8.4 which includes the brand new Apple Music app. Can Cupertino's streaming service complete with the likes of Spotify? Check out our head-to-head to see.

How can I get iOS 8.4?

If you want Apple Music, you'll need to update your iOS-toting device to the latest version. Head into Settings > General > Software Update and the update should pop up. Click install and it will download, installing on your device when it's done.

If your device was compatible with iOS 8, it will work with iOS 8.4.

New design

To go with Apple Music, the company has spruced up its once dull Music app. There's now more emphasis on pictures, you’ll be able to personalise any playlists you’ve created by adding your own image and description while the Artist view has also been improved.

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You’ll also be able to start playing an album right from the album list, taking one screen tap out of the existing process.

There's also been a change of icon, with the familiar red icon switched for a white one.

Recently Added

The app will make it much easier to find new albums and playlists that you’ve added. These will be dropped at the top of your music library, making them much faster to access. In keeping with the new picture-led design, artwork for recently added content is displayed making it easier to see what you’re looking for at a glance.


This section is where you'll find both the 24/7 live Beats 1 radio station and the updated iTunes Radio. While Beats 1 will be home to a variety of features, interviews and live shows, iTunes Radio will play a constant stream of tunes in a variety of genres.

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While Apple's first attempt at a social network, Ping, pretty much failed miserably, the brand is having another go. Connect is hoping to bring artists closer to fans, by letting them post videos and samples of new tracks directly to those who want them the most.

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Will it work? We'll have to wait and see.


Borrowed from the desktop version of iTunes, the new MiniPlayer enables you to control playback and see what’s playing, while continuing to browse your music.

Tapping on the MiniPlayer will open up Now Playing.

Now Playing

As part of the design overhaul, the Now Playing feature has been spruced up to show off album artwork more effectively. Improved functionality will enable you to start streaming music wirelessly over AirPlay without leaving the Now Playing screen.

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Apple has also made it easier to see which track will play next, all you’ll need to do is tap on the Up Next icon in Now Playing for a sneaky preview. You’ll also be able to add, re-order or skip songs.


The update makes it easier to search from anywhere in the app just by tapping the magnifying glass icon. Search results have been streamlined and conveniently organised to help you find what you’re looking for more easily. You can search not only from your iTunes library, but also throughout all the tunes on offer with Apple Music.

For You & New

'For You' is almost like a start screen; housing playlists, albums it thinks you'll like and so on. Again, it's very picture heavy, with album artwork being more prominent than text.

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The 'New' section is fairly self explanatory, bringing together all the latest releases, videos, things to watch on Connect and even curated playlists from the likes of Shazam, Pitchfork and NME.

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Anything else?

In the process of revamping the Music app, Apple has made the decision to move audiobooks into the iBooks app. So now you'll have the ability to keep ebooks separate from audiobooks and there's a dedicated player letting you rewind, fast forward and open up chapter lists. Additional features include the option to adjust speed and setting a sleep timer for when you want to nod off to something. If you're using CarPlay, the new audiobooks has been added into the interface as well.

Have you tried out iOS 8.4? Let us know what you make of it in the comments below.

Prem Desai

April 15, 2015, 9:04 am

I have never understood why Apple subject us to a whole to version of iOS for a new or updated app.


July 5, 2015, 2:06 am

"Think different" was Apple before. Now they are more like "Think simple, do things the way we want you too". Not much options and I find apple software useless most of the time. ICloud Drive wont let me make subfolders, so I have to use dropbox instead. Photos wont let me organize deeper than one level and I cant use it. Everything Apple does last years is all to simple. Logic was great Music Program, Apple took over it and made it simple, so professionals couldn't use it anymore. Ive been in love with apple since Os 8. Now its like Ive given them up. Didn't even bother trying out Apple music for 3 months. There has to be lots of restrictions using Apple Music, cause Apple has made it. Ive used hundreds of hours organizing my iTunes collection over the years. Apple change iTunes and take away great options.. All my cover art was just taken away suddenly.. Im afraid using Apple Music will F up my iTunes library that Ive spend so much time with. Anyone know if Apple Music let your iTunes Library stay the way it is?

Apple, the way they were, made me fall in love. I expected so much from them, I thought Apple in the future would make their OS incredible. What I see is everything simplified and useless. Its 2015 and Im not able to make a subfolder in their iCloud Drive.. I write lots of projects and I have to separate projects, keep my writing organized, but Apple wont allow me too.. Why cant customers choose.. What about some options. Lots of stuff bugging me last years. Apple remind me more and more of Windows and all the pop ups. OS ask me to change battery on my bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but it last for one more month, and every time I boot up my mac, its the same message that batteries soon empty. I want to turn off that alert, but theres no option. Tooltips glued to the screen when using Safari.. I want to turn it off, but Apple has not an option for Turn off, Turn on tooltips.. So much irritating stuff from Apple, and they were totally opposite of this some years back. The new Music app on my iphone shows Maroon 5 when I click on connect. I don't follow them, Im not interested in them. Is there a way to delete it, no! I can click on find more artist to follow but I cant search for them, theres just a list of several artists and bands I couldn't care less for. Can I get rid off these artist from the list, no! Typical Apple! Apple should be like they were before, let you do complicated things in a easy way. Thats why I loved them so much. They were brilliant. They were the best! Come on, I cant make a subfolder in icloud drive organizing my pages documents. Whats next, you wont be able to organize your folders in finder they way you want? I miss you Steve Jobs!

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