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Windows Phone market share almost triples in year

Sam Loveridge


HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC Windows Phone 8X

Microsoft has almost trebled its share of the UK smartphone market in the past 12 months thanks to Windows Phone 8, data collected by research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech has revealed.

Although still lagging significantly behind market leaders Android and iOS, latest figures have revealed Microsoft increased its share of the UK smartphone market almost three-fold in teh past 12 months, up from 2.2 per cent to 5.9 per cent, closing on on current third place holder RIM in the process.

With a 6.4 per cent share of the market, RIM and its BlackBerry OS could soon be eclipsed by the fast rising Microsoft OS which offers handsets such as the HTC Windows Phones 8X, unless the BlackBerry 10 release changes consumer opinion.

Meanwhile the battle between Android and iOS rages way above the single digit market shares of RIM and Microsoft, with Android holding the largest portion of the market at 54.5 per cent and iOS falling in behind at 32.4 per cent.

“At the end of 2012 the global OS picture shows Android on top, but clearly the rate of growth it experienced over the past year is beginning to slow as easy wins from first time smartphone buyers begin to reduce,” said Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel Comtech.

“It has been far slower than Microsoft would have liked, but Windows Phone is now starting to gain respectable shares in a number of key European countries,” Sunnebo added.

The research from Kantar Worldpanel Comtech also revealed that Apple is closing in on rival Samsung, which holds 32 and 35 per cent of the smartphone market respectively. This time last year, Samsung’s lead over Apple was far greater, which could show that the Apple iPhone 5 has sold better than rumours suggest.

Apple’s quarterly earnings are due to be announced tomorrow.

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Via: The Inquirer


January 25, 2013, 12:57 pm

I've been an android user for a while now, but plan on upgrading to the lumia 920 when my contract is up in may. I fancy trying something new, and have always been impressed with the slickness and polish of the windows phone interface on my brother's cheap-as-chips handset. The software runs very well on modest hardware, which appeals to me.

Since getting a nexus 7 i find i use my phone for primarily for messaging, calling, bit of browsing, maps/nav and that's more or less it. So whilst i recognise the WP market is less developed, given i can get by on core functionality, I'm prepared to give it a try. To be frank, in my experience, windows phone tends to perform these more basic functions more reliably than my android handsets. As a tech nerd and a software developer, i love to tinker - i've got CM 10.1 on both my nexus 7 and my SGSII - but sometimes you just want your phone to do what it's supposed to do, and to do it reliably and quickly.


January 25, 2013, 4:19 pm

I bought my wife a Nokia Lumia 820 for Christmas and I've been hugely impressed with it. A really modern interface that zips along,a very good little camera, free offline sat nav and expandable memory. I've got an iPhone 5 from my employer but apart from the camera (which is freaking awesome on the iPhone) and variety of apps I think that the Lumia eclipses the iPhone in all other aspects. The fact that it was less than one third the cost of an iPhone makes it THE smartphone bargain of the moment.

iOS is looking very dated now and I think that the interface on my Nexus 7 and my wife's Lumia are both a lot more impressive.


January 26, 2013, 1:41 pm

820 and quite impressed, robust mechanics.
Good call quality, good contact list integration, easy link with PC. All the essentials work without issues. With most of the nonsense 'off', i get about 3 days on one battery.
But then, i'm a simple guy believing that apps are bourgeois, for people with lost of free time and no life.

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