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Three scraps data roaming fees for customers visiting the US

Luke Johnson



Three has extended its ‘Feel At Home’ initiative, scrapping roaming rates when customers travel to the US and allowing them to simply make use of their inclusive minutes and data.

Available to all of Three’s pay monthly, pay-as-you-go and SIM-only customers, the new Fell At Home roaming options will see the networks’ users forgo costly roaming bills, simply using their current plan’s limitations as if they were still in the UK.

Simply requiring users to have international roaming options activated on their account, those exceeding their inclusive minutes, texts and data packages whilst in the US will now also benefit from reduced roaming rates.

With a number of countries already covered by Three’s Feel At Home offer, the network has today added the US, Sri Lanka and Macau to an 11 strong list of travel destinations which also includes the Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Australia and Italy.

“Roaming charges have been a worry for people for too long,” Dave Dyson, Three’s Chief Executive said. “We want our customers to make the most of our network offering and their devices whether home or abroad. We believe this further extension to our Feel at Home offering provides further value and hopefully will continue to reduce fears around roaming.”

Requiring no effort from users, the Feel At Home options will automatically activate when handsets are switched on in compatible countries, such as the US.

Yesterday, Three confirmed that its 4G services had started a slow and gradual rollout across the UK, with just a few thousand customers given the first nod of the high-speed network.

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December 4, 2013, 2:22 pm

Fell At Home...I can see the lawsuits now.


December 4, 2013, 4:35 pm

so does this also include all-you-can-eat data?

Martyn Butler

December 4, 2013, 7:09 pm

Slightly off topic - But I hope TR will leave it if it helps

If only THREE Listened -

I should start that I have been a FAN of THREEUK for a while

I just got a complementary HTC One mini - LUCKY ME direct from HTCUK - Now the transfer software painlessly transferred all my data from an older HTC to the new Phone - I'm impressed and Love the size of the Mini as I can operate operate it comfortably with one hand.

I call THREE ask them to transfer MY NUMBER over to the new micro SIM provided with the phone - “OK Sir but you may have to wait 72 hours”.

A Week later the biggest cock-up ever - They transferred the new micro SIM number OVER my Old phone SIM -
I now have two working phones I don't even know the number of* - I cant make calls and hundreds of my contacts cant reach me at all.

And customer services just shrugs their shoulders and say sorry mate nothing can be done your numbers gone.

Needless to say I can't log in to my on-line account as that requires my phone number which “no longer exists”

Countless calls - DMs on Twitter & Facebook and I'm being blanked. I bet I get a letter next telling me to pay a bill for all this or the bill may be placed in the hands of debt collectors

CRISIS - I have hundreds of contacts from Lords & Knights of the realm - MP's TV - Media & Press contacts - Not one of them has my number now, I could cry - Years of putting my number out there to my contacts seem to count for nothing -

* OK I know the new number will be on the New SIM card but in reality its about as useful as a chocolate coffee pot when you think of the damage done.

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