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Samsung is selling a brand new Galaxy S8+ variant in the UK


Galaxy S8+

Samsung is now offering an unlocked dual-SIM variant of its top end Galaxy S8+ smartphone.

Available from Samsung’s UK store, the newest edition costs £779 and comes with 64GB of built-in storage.

The appeal of the dual-SIM version is the ability to use two active SIM cards at any given time.

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This is ideal for folks who don’t want a personal and business phone around with them at the same time.

Galaxy S8

The phone is available in Orchid Gray and Midnight Black and costs exactly the same as the regular S8+, so if you think you may need dual-SIM functionality at any point, it makes sense to grab this edition.

It only appears the variant is available from Samsung’s official store right now and there's no sign of a dual-SIM Galaxy S8.

The S8+ has a massive 6.2-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1440 x 2960 resolution. It also has a larger 3500mAh battery, compared to the 3000mAh battery on its sister 5.7-inch device.

Do you use a dual-SIM phone? Is it a help or a hindrance having your personal and business lines combined in one device? Drop us a line in the comments below.


June 19, 2017, 6:22 pm

"Active" dual sim, Are you sure? It would be a first from Sammy, my Note 4 Dual is 'Standby' both sims are on but can't be used simultaneously unlike the One Plus series where if you're on the Web you can still take a call without interrupting your browsing, even if you have video on the go, audio priority goes to the call.

Some single sims, EE for example, allow simultaneous dual use negating the need for dual sims.
I wish I had known that before I bought my Samsung dual sim.

Unless you MUST have two separate lines, I'd recommend steering clear of Dual sim devices, sometimes more bother than benefit.

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