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Samsung Galaxy S3 found to be the most fault prone phone

Luke Johnson


Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been found to be the most fault prone smartphone currently on the market, just weeks before is superseded by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to claims data collated by a leading mobile phone insurer, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has lead the way in faulty handset reports, receiving more complaints and insurance claims than any other device on the market, including bitter rival the iPhone 5.

Results that are sure to be skewed slightly by the increased number of insurance policies taken out on costly, the data from MobileInsurance.co.uk have shown that high-end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, are more prone to issues that lower end devices, although cheaper models are not without their issues.

Lining up behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the list of the most fault prone devices, rival the HTC Desire S is in second ahead of the more wallet friendly Nokia Lumia 610.

With the iPhone 5 not making the top ten of the most issue hit handsets, Apple is represented on the list of faulty devices by the iPhone 4 in fourth and the more recent iPhone 4S in sixth. The two handsets out of Cupertino of split by the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in fifth.

“We’ve already looked at the phones that get accidentally damaged the most, but that tends to be down to the user,” Jason Brockman, Director at MobileInsurance.co.uk, said. “Breakdowns and faults with the handset itself often can’t be avoided, so we wanted to let people know which phones most commonly experience faults so that they can avoid them.”

With the iPhone 3GS and BlackBerry Torch 9800 found to be the two most reliable devices, he added: “It seems those looking for reliability need to forget about having the most modern phone and revert back to trusty older handsets like the iPhone 3GS.”

With the data suggesting white hued handsets face more mechanical faults than their black or silver toned counterparts, the Sony Xperia S was found to be the seventh most issue hit handset, leading home the BlackBerry Curve 9220 and Samsung Tocco Lite 2 in eighth and ninth spots respectively.

Despite lengthy stock shortages that dramatically hit the handset’s launch period late last year, the Google Nexus 4 completed the top ten list of fault affected handsets.

TrustedReviews has contacted Samsung for comment on the S3 fault claims and will update this post with the company’s response shortly.


April 11, 2013, 11:03 am

>> HTC One

How can that be in second place!!, it's only just come out. If there were any faults with such a new phone, surely you take it back to supplier, not make an insurance claim. Or is it all the old One range, One X, One S, etc..?

Saying this, I have come across my first problem with the One.. :( Sometimes when making phone calls, people cannot hear me very well (quiet/muffled). But putting the phone into speakerphone mode it works fine. It's also seems intermittent, and often works perfectly. So to me it seems to be a firmware issue, so hopefully will get fixed in an update. One thing I have not tried, when this happens is putting into speaker mode and then back into microphone mode,.. I'm just wondering if the software has it half way between speakerphone/microphone mode, and the muffled voice is just feedback from noise cancellation, and hopefully doing this might clear it.

Anyway. If not, I'll be getting a replacement from were I bought it, I certainly won't be taking out an insurance claim..


April 13, 2013, 11:50 pm

No surprise to hear Galaxy S3 no 1 for faults. It has nothing to do with how many units were sold, its a simple fact that this device is utter rubbish. The screens are a big weak point. If you want to know just how well you S3 is put together just download a screen tester app, use a black screen solid colour and in a dark room look at the crap underneath that screen from the factor! These devices are made in a garage in the bottom of a garden, not in a clean factory environment.


September 11, 2013, 1:16 pm

My S3 is about 4 months old and had issues with the microphone during calls from brand new i.e. very low outgoing volume. Then I noted that every single video has a constantloud buzzing sound making audio impossible. These two are likely connected faults. Guess what? Samsung will not repair it because I bought it in New Zealand, where I was living......and had been for 8 years!! I am now back in the UK permanently and will never touch anything Samsung again!! There were big issues with Samsung washing machines bursting into flames in New Zealand before I left too.

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