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Report: iPad Air 3 will be branded iPad Pro


iPad Pro

Apple’s next-generation 9.7-inch tablet will carry the iPad Pro branding, rather than iPad Air 3, according to reports on Thursday.

9to5Mac sources say the company plans to have two size options available for the premium range, with the new model joining the 12.9-inch device released late last year.

Recent speculation had already suggested the firm will include many of the features associated with the larger slate, so this wouldn't constitute too much of a shock.

The new tablet is expected to carry speakers at both ends of the device, just like the iPad Pro, while also featuring a Smart Connector to enable connection of the Apple Smart Keyboard accessory.

Now, the report says, Apple will release a smaller version of the keyboard cover for the new model, which is expected to launch at an event on March 15.

Likewise, the device is also likely include the display technology to support the Apple Pencil, just like the iPad Pro.

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What this would mean for the future of the iPad Air line remains to be seen. It’ll also be interesting to see if the new 9.7-inch tablet is priced closer to the iPad Pro than the iPad Air 2 models.

Apple is expected to release the new iPad, as long as the new 4-inch iPhone 5se handset almost immediately following the event.

Reports say the pair, as well as new Apple Watch band choices, will go on sale as soon as Friday March 18.


February 26, 2016, 12:37 am

Given Apple suffered the biggest drop in tablet sales last year, I guess it would be too much to expect them to lower their ridiculously high prices. High end version of the iPad Pro sell for $1800 in Australia which is so gob-smackingly insane it's hard not to scream.


February 28, 2016, 5:01 pm

had the 128gb ipad pro for 1 day. lovely big sharp screen was looking forward to seeing a movie on it so plugged it into the computer as I was planning to drag and drop a mp4 movie only to be realise that you still have to do it through bloody itunes, ridiculous. Luckily I picked up my son a galaxy note pro 12.2 for £250 on ebay and after using it for a couple of days I decided to get one myself. thoroughly done with apple products they are stupidly overpriced and very limited I mean still no expandable storage on an ipad is just daft.

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