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Pure launches pair of in-car digital radios ahead of digital switchover

Luke Johnson


Pure Highway range
New Pure Highway Range

Digital radio specialist Pure has taken its in-car efforts to a new level, launching two new dashboard fitted offerings ahead of the impending digital switchover.

Pre-empting the government’s digital switchover plans which are expected to be announced later this year, Pure has officially announced the Pure Highway H240Di and Bluetooth enabled Pure Highway H260DBi, the first in-car digital radios to be produced as part of the company’s partnership with industry retailer Halfords.

“We know that our customers love the great content and user experience that digital radio delivers in their home and we are delighted to be working with the country’s leading car audio retailer to bring the same experience to their cars, where over 20 per cent of radio listening take place,” Nick Hucker, Director of Marketing for Pure said.

With plans for a digital radio switchover expected to be confirmed in the coming months, all cars will be required to support digital radio in the near future. Offering avid radio listeners the chance to get digital service whilst on the move, Pure is looking to capitalise on the 30 million UK motors currently on the roads with no digital radio.

The Pure Highway H240Di boasts DAB digital radio capabilities alongside standard FM and AM tuners. With a dedicated DAB button offering ease of access to the raft of digital content on offer, the in-car system adds a CD drive and a ‘built for iPhone’ certified connector.

With AUX input and a USB port also making the cut, the entry-level system features a detachable fascia in a bid to ward off potential thieves.

Building on the same foundation, the more expensive Pure Highway H260DBi adds Bluetooth audio playback and can double up as a hands-free calling option with an external mic.

With just 5 to 8 per cent of in-car systems currently supporting DAB radio, Digital Radio UK has predicted that by the end of this year, 50 per cent of new cars will come preinstalled with digital services.

“There is now real momentum in the transition to digital radio and we anticipate that a government switchover will trigger a surge in consumer interest – just as it did with Digital TV,” Halfords’ product manager Jon Oliver said.

“Digital radios are starting to make significant in-roads into the analogue market and our own sales of these units are currently outpacing wider market growth. Combining our retail and fitting capability with Pure’s award-winning technological capabilities means we can offer customers an unbeatable digital radio solution.”

Both the Pure Highway 240Di and Pure Highway H260DBi are on sale from today, July 4, priced £129.99 and £149.99 respectively.

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July 7, 2013, 8:22 pm

DAB is an outdated, failed technology and the British system has been abandoned by almost every other country in favour of something better. Bitrates are now so low that many DAB stations broadcast in mono, and all have sound quality far inferior to that of stereo FM. Local transmission of DAB is expensive, as one FM transmitter needs to be replaced with many DAB ones to give the same coverage. Not a single mobile phone is sold which can receive DAB broadcasts - good luck telling millions of phone users that their radio service is about to be turned off.

Why would anyone want to buy a DAB car radio which is already hopelessly out of date, and when FM with RDS already has automatic tuning, presets and a display of station names?

Internet radio with multicast is the future for smaller stations, while larger stations should continue on cheap, reliable, high quality FM. DAB is an expensive, obsolete disaster.

Steve McGill

November 17, 2013, 9:08 pm

Nasty cheap Halfords crap, avoid like the plague! (I fit them for a living and they are typical Halfords Chinese rubbish, buy a proper Japanese Headunit like a Sony, Kenwood, JVC etc (not Pioneer, they're tat too!))

Steve McGill

November 17, 2013, 9:10 pm

totally agree! I fit audio for a living and DAB is a joke to say the least, low bitrate (64kb at best on smaller stations) leads to crappy sound quality, and ropey coverage is made worse when in a car... FM is still king!


December 31, 2013, 4:28 pm

Until it gets switched off that is, which it will. Like DAB or not, soon it will be all we have.

geoff stevens

January 15, 2014, 9:56 pm

Fitted a 260 before christmas so I can take calls, it won't hold the bluetooth for more than a couple of days, the only way I can get bluetooth on again is to press reset button then it couples up to my phone straight away but I have to set all the stations again. Halfords don't want to know and Pure are very slow to respond to my emails.

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