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PS4 E3 2014 announcements leaked

Sam Loveridge


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The PS4 E3 2014 announcements have been leaked ahead of any official revelations from Sony.

According to industry insider, Ahsan Rasheed (aka @thuway) and his entourage of sources, Sony has quite the line-up expected for E3 2014 in June.

From the names of the games leaked, it seems Sony has a selection of brand new PS4 IPs up its sleeves.

“Whatever is happening behind the scenes, it’s got people excited”, said Rasheed in a lengthy Twitter posting session.

He revealed six pretty exciting things we can expect from Sony in terms of PS4 announcements between now and E3.

“Things to look forward to –

1. Drive Club updated footage

2. PS4 VR and SSM [Sony Santa Monica] new IP

3. UC 4 [Uncharted 4]

4. Guerilla new IP

5. UC4

6. The Last Guardian

The future for PS4 :) oh so good”

Despite Sony saying in January that the Drive Club release date would be announced “shortly”, it seems from this leak that we might be finding out more later on in this quarter.

We’ll also be seeing a new IP from Guerilla, the studio responsible for games like Killzone: Shadow Fall.

What’s got us particularly excited in the TrustedReviews office is the mention of an Uncharted 4 announcement for E3 2014. Rather cryptically, Rasheed lists the game twice, before adding: “And yes, UC4 was posted twice on purpose.”

Finally, we might find out a little more about The Last Guardian, the third title from developer responsible for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

Currently, all we know is that it will feature a young boy and a giant monster that have a bizarre bond, who together attempt to traverse a rather unfriendly world.

Rasheed also hints that a new prologue game for the Gran Turismo series could arrive post-E3.

“GT7 Prologue was left out intentionally”, he tweeted.

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February 21, 2014, 6:41 am

The medical students at my local hospital said they didn't think any of this is true


February 21, 2014, 9:05 pm

and why would they be more knowledgeable about the topic???

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