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New Nvidia Shield Tablet could launch March


New Nvidia Shield Tablet could launch March
Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia could be set to launch a follow-up to its Shield Tablet by the end of March.

Last year's Nvidia Shield Tablet might not have set the world alight commercially speaking, but it was actually a very good tablet.

Its strength came from its solid build quality, stock Android OS, unique emphasis on gaming, and blistering performance. The latter was thanks to the rare use of Nvidia's own Tegra K1 chip, which only the Nexus 9 went on to emulate.

Since then, of course, Nvidia has announced a follow-up to the K1 chip. The Tegra X1 will be even more powerful, offering a 64-bit octa-core architecture and GPU performance that eclipses the previous generation of home consoles.

It's also the first mobile chip to burst through the 1 teraflop throughput barrier, which has prompted the manufacturer to call it a "mobile super chip."

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According to Fudzilla, Nvidia will launch a new Shield Tablet that showcases this advanced chip's power within the next few months. Its source (which accurately predicted the launch of the first Nvidia Shield Tablet) claims that an announcement could be made at the GPU Technology Conference scheduled for March 17 - if not sooner.

There's no further information on specs or design, but we wouldn't be surprised if Nvidia stuck with the original's 8-inch display at least.

Kulti Vator

February 9, 2015, 11:51 am

If this happens, would be good to see NVidia offer this in a form or option similar to the original Shield handheld from 2013... makes a lot more sense for those that want to game on sofas / flights / trains / in bed / etc. The two part controller + tablet design has it's merits but truly portable gaming gets messy when you have two lumps of hardware to wrangle with.

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