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Native Union Switch 3-in-1 portable speaker launched

Sam Loveridge


Native Union Switch
Native Union Switch

Native Union has launched its latest multifunctional speaker, the Native Union Switch, with Bluetooth connectivity and lightweight design.

Made to be a speaker offering three uses in one device, the Nation Union Switch can play music wireless from a range of smart devices, charge those devices and double up as a conference call centre.

“Wireless speakers have become an essential accessory for today’s consumer who seeks solutions to fluidly switch gears between work, travel and play,” said Native Union’s Managing Director John Brunner. “Weighing in at less than an iPad, Switch’s beautifully simple design is engineered to offer exceptional natural sound balance perfect for music, movies or games.”

“Switch is a true, all-around speaker, complete with an interesting design aesthetic and unsurpassed sound quality for people who are looking for the next big thing in wireless speaker technology.”

Native Union Switch Features

The Native Union Switch is primarily a Bluetooth speaker offering three inbuilt speakers for streaming music from an assortment of smart devices. An enhanced base-reflex system and an active sub-woofer aim to provide increased natural sound and clarity for any music genre.

The lego-like style of the Native Union Switch is specifically designed to operate in any position, horizontal or vertical, depending on the user’s situation. A volume control wheel sitting at the top of the speaker easy access to volume levels, especially when the user is alternating between music and calls.

A full-Duplex microphone built into the wireless speaker enables it to act as a portable conference call hub, with multiple participants audible at once, perfect for VoIP services.

With a battery life of up to 14 hours, the Native Union Switch can be used as a power bank to charge any USB mobile device, including cameras, tablets and smartphones such as the recently launched Sony Xperia Tablet Z or HTC One.

Native Union Switch Release Date and Price

The Native Union Switch speaker can be purchased from the Native Union website for £129.99. Available in a soft touch rubberised and high gloss finishes, the Native Union Switch is offered in Slate, Bordeaux, Aquamarine, white or black colour options.

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March 1, 2013, 1:45 pm

I laugh when I hear proclamations of "unsurpassed sound quality" from something the size of a toothpaste tube that weighs less than a toothpaste tube. At the risk of stating the obvious the "unsurpassed sound quality" is just propaganda... well, technically, it's a lie since the people who write this nonsense know the statement is false.

So why is "unsurpassed sound quality" a lie? Well, for one physics gets in the way - you can't get much sound out of a battery powered toothpaste tube, even if you make it blue and pretty. Oh, and there are also those other *REAL WIRELESS SPEAKERS* that could actually make the claim of "unsurpassed wireless sound quality", like the Dynaudio Xeo (nice!) or the Moos Audio Mini Aero (potentially even better - could this be the "unsurpassed" one?!).

And before we all get into a big argument here - the point I am making is that grand statements like "unsurpassed" become a lie unless carefully qualified, which marketing people usually conveniently forget to do. So, "unsurpassed sound quality for a toothpaste tube" would be OK, but "unsurpassed sound quality" in absolute terms is not OK!

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