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Destiny’s creative story lead has “parted ways” with Bungie



CJ Cowan has left the development studio after 13 years, having worked on both Destiny and the Halo franchise.

Posting on Instagram, Cowan said he had “decided to part ways” with Bungie:

“After 13 years, I decided to part ways with Bungie yesterday. How am I just now realizing the logo is a sad face?”

It is unclear if Cowan left the company on bad terms, but the mention of a sad face doesn’t leave a good impression.

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Cowan currently describes himself as a “storyteller for hire” and is yet to specify if he plans to continue working in the games industry.

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Irritated Player

April 8, 2016, 5:06 pm

Sad, but not surprising. Bungie seems to be doing away with story and focusing more on their appalling, laggy (and imho pointless) PVP gameplay.

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