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Chromecast broken your BT router? Here's what to do


Chromecast audio

This week, Google Chromecast Audio devices were shown to cause certain routers to crash or boot-loop, but now there's a workaround.

BT HomeHub routers seemed to be most affected by the issue, which also involves the Chromecasts themselves crashing or boot-looping, and in some cases seems to occur with other Chromecasts such as the Chromecast Ultra.

The problem seems to have stemmed from a firmware update, with a member of the Google Cast Community Team saying on the support forums that it is down to "a Chromecast Audio running firmware 1.21.72444 on select wifi routers."

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Now Google has advised users affected by the problem to find a working router which they can use to connect the Chromecast in order to update to the latest firmware.

Once connected to another router, Chromecast users should use the Google Home app Preview Program option to download the version 1.22.77272 firmware update which comes with a bug fix.

Chromecast Audio

Once downloaded and installed, the update should ensure Chromecast Audio devices work with the BT routers as normal.

It's not an ideal fix, as it requires a working router, which is exactly the problem in the first place, but another Google representative said on the forums that the company is 'looking at other options'.

Plus Net One routers are also said to be affected by the boot-loop issue, and for the time being, the 'find a router that works' advice remains in place for them, too.

We'll update you as soon as Google announces any other fixes for the problem, but for now, it looks like you'll have to dig out an old router or ask your neighbour nicely if you can use theirs.

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Let us know if you've been affected by the Chromecast issue in the comments.

Tim Box

November 29, 2016, 5:20 pm

Some basics as I see it.

1 How can a wifi router be killed by connecting a device?
2 The fact this seems to affect only the BT HH4&5 and PlusNet routers (which are the same) indicates an issue with the router.
3 Google knew about this from beta testing at the end of September. When did they talk to BT/PlusNet? DId they? Did PlusNet just ignore any attempt to contact them and Google gave up waiting?

Lastly Who should be fixing this? Google who I would imagine follows the rules or the provider of the one router?


December 3, 2016, 8:00 pm

I had been faulting this problem with a customer as a fault for no sync, this problem remains the case even going back to the HH3 with an openreach modem. The Modem maintains sync however the HH3 just freezes all three blue lights on but NO devices can use the internet once the chrome audio has made an attempt to connect.

I couldn't believe it myself, At first I refused to accept that a connecting device has this capability and just kept looking at other solutions. Maybe im going to sound stupid as its beyond my understanding but doesn't this border on a serious breach of security with the router that hackers could exploit?

Plusnet is owned by BT so they have just used the same manufacturer to rebrand the HH4/5


December 4, 2016, 1:01 pm

I have used the suggestion here to upgrade the firmware on my CCAs to 1.22.77272 but I am still having problems. The only app I am able to cast to all 4 CCAs is Google Play. One of the CCAs seems to play BBC iPlayer and Pocketcasts without a problem. The other 3 CCAs all report a problem when trying to do either of these things, even after a Factory Reset with the new firmware.

My advice is to steer clear of buying anything to do with Google Home or Chromecast until they sort this issue out.

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