AMD reveals Ryzen Mobile: Ryzen APU finally comes to laptops

AMD Ryzen Mobile: AMD reveals Ryzen for laptops with new Vega graphics architecture.

AMD has announced Ryzen Mobile, its new processors for laptops. Not only that, we have a release window and the news that the company’s hotly-anticipated Vega architecture will form part of the new chips.

At AMD’s Financial Analysts’ day, the company announced that Ryzen-based laptop processors would arrive in the second half of this year, which is what had been widely expected. Ryzen on desktop brought with it impressive processing performance at a cost that was very competitive with Intel’s all-conquering Core i brand.

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While we expected Ryzen chips to come to laptops, the news that AMD’s Vega architecture will form part of the chips is very exciting indeed.

Indeed, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Papermaster, promised “beautiful thin and light” laptops along with “AAA gaming performance”. Big claims, sure, but if AMD can pull of proper Full HD gaming performance in AAA games with a processor-GPU combo, it might be able to finally upset the Intel/Nvidia monopoly of gaming laptops.

Exactly how much these fabled laptops will cost remains to be seen, as indeed does the performance. AMD Vega is the name for an entire GPU architecture, and it’s just as relevant to low-end graphics as it is to high-end.

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What would be even more exciting is the super-long-awaited AMD thin-and-light ‘Ultrabook’-style device, which is something tech fans have been waiting for since, well, forever.

Ryzen Mobile performance

Ryzen Mobile performance

In terms of numbers, AMD is claiming 50% more CPU performance than its previous-generation ‘7th-gen APUs’, 40% better graphics performance while managing a 50% cut in power consumption. These are all key ingredients to tackling Intel.

But, of course, Intel won’t be standing still. Computex 2017 is just a couple of weeks away, and we’d be surprised if the company didn’t have a response.

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