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100,000 Londoners support Uber following ‘damaging’ TfL proposals


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Uber passengers and business leaders in London have spoken against a Transport for London (TfL) consultation process that threatens to curb the growth of the disruptive ride-sharing service.

100,000 Uber users in the Capital have come out in support of the start-up, while the Institute of Directors dubbed the proposals “damaging” to London's reputation as a global centre for innovation.

The consultation could see Uber drivers forced to take an English language test, while also setting a five-minute minimum between an Uber booking and the start of a journey.

TfL also wants users to be able to book seven days in advance, for Uber to offer a fixed-line phone number, and specify the full extent of the fare before the booking is accepted.

It also wants controls on ride-sharing in licensed vehicles and wants to limit drivers working for multiple companies.

In the petition, offered through its app (via Guardian), Uber told Londoners “these rules make no sense”.

“Transport for London (TfL) will soon publish proposed new rules for apps such as Uber. If adopted, they will mean an end to the Uber you know and love today. There will be a mandatory five-minute wait time, even if a car is available just around the corner. You won’t even be able to see the nearest cars when you open the app.

“TfL also wants to restrict carpooling, including new services such as UberPOOL. This enables people going in the same direction to share a car – cutting the cost of the trip as well as congestion on London’s streets. And the proposed rules threaten drivers’ livelihoods by forcing them to drive for just one operator.”

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The stand-off comes as governments around the world seek to tackle the rapid global growth of Uber.

The company has just been banned from Rio de Janeiro, while drivers in the Australian region of New South Wales have had licences suspended. Dutch police in Amsterdam recently raided the firm’s headquarters for a third time.


September 30, 2015, 9:05 pm

What about tandem pushbikes? Will English language test requied? And a license? Cos it's a long vehicle. E category is a must xD

Hamish Campbell

October 1, 2015, 7:26 am

I don't really get why there aren't same rules for all passenger services. If there are rules for the black cabs and mini cabs, then these should apply to Uber as well. And if these rules are an issue they should be changed for all.

Other than that surely the focus should be on passenger safety and worker conditions. Which I think are a problem in the Uber model.


October 1, 2015, 8:08 am

Demanding an English language test is discriminatory, because English language tests are not required for other customer-facing jobs in Britain. As for the rest, it all sounds like stuff designed specifically to make Uber worse rather than to increase service quality or safety, and as such smacks of taxi cartel lobbying and should be ignored.


October 3, 2015, 5:28 pm

One proposal (from TFL) I heard being aired, was that Uber drivers would be restricted to only working for Uber.

That is Serfdom, pure and simple!
The drivers are self employed, receive no employment benefits, holiday pay or written contract.
The English language test won't happen for the same reasons that it didn't appear in the 1997 (?) legislation governing Private Hire and stated by pimlico sound.
The level of ignorance displayed by TFL execs never fails to astonish but seems commensurate with their bloated salaries and pensions.

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