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Finlux 46S8030-T review

John Archer



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Finlux 46S8030-T
  • Finlux 46S8030-T
  • Finlux 46S8030-T
  • Finlux 46S8030-T
  • Finlux 46S8030-T
  • Finlux 46S8030-T
  • Finlux 46S8030-T


Our Score:



  • Great value
  • Decent HD pictures
  • Easy to use


  • Rather noisy standard def pictures
  • Needs care with picture set up
  • No subscription video services on online platform

Key Features

  • 46in LCD TV with edge LED lighting
  • Smart TV online features
  • Full HD resolution
  • Freeview HD tuner
  • Cheap price
  • Manufacturer: Finlux
  • Review Price: £550.00

You know the Finlux drill by now. Aside from the surprising flagship 42S9100-T we tested recently, the Vestel-owned brand seems to be doing quite-nicely-thank-you by selling remarkably cheap TVs to a cash-strapped UK marketplace direct through its own website. So it’s no surprise to find the Finlux model under the spotlight today, the 46S8030-T, delivering 46in of pictures, a Freeview HD tuner, edge LED lighting and even a degree of Smart TV functionality all for the princely sum of £550. Minus a penny.

Strings attached

Dedicated readers will also know, though, that the Finlux ‘way’ comes with some strings attached. Namely that when a new set comes through the door you don’t know for sure what you’re going to get in quality terms. Some models we’ve seen have been startlingly good for the budget TVs, while one or two others have been, well, rather less impressive. So without further ado let’s find out which side of the Finlux coin the 46S8030-T belongs on.

Finlux 46S8030-T

Aesthetically it’s... OK. On the surface of things it does a respectable job of aping Samsung’s ‘crystal’ design of a couple of years ago with its shiny finish and transparent outer trim. Its slightly textured bezel looks pleasant too. But it feels a bit flimsy, and the bezel is unfashionably wide by today’s ultra-skinny standards.

Uncompromising connectivity

Its connections are surprisingly uncompromised by the 46S8030T’s budget price, though. Especially pleasing is the appearance of four HDMIs, a pair of USB ports for playing back video, photo and music files or recording from the built-in tuner, and perhaps most surprising of all, built-in Wi-Fi courtesy of a provided USB dongle.

There’s also a LAN port if you’d rather go the hard-wired route, but with Wi-Fi available we don’t imagine many people wanting to do that.

Finlux 46S8030-T

Finlux has even gone so far as to include with the TV a free copy of the Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials to help you get your computer(s) networked to the TV. Though it’s a pity that this software only runs on Windows 7 and XP; there's no Mac support.

Remote control

Operation of the TV is accomplished via a surprisingly good remote control complete with a spacious and mostly sensible lay out, along with some pleasant enough onscreen menus that combine large icons with clear text.

Features within the menus include a quartet of picture presets (Dynamic, Cinema, Game and Natural); low, medium, high and auto backlight adjustments; multi-level noise reduction circuitry; a multi-level dynamic contrast system; 100Hz processing; a basic colour temperature adjustment, and a trio of surprises on such a cheap TV, namely a skin tone adjuster, a simple Red-to-green colour shift sliding bar, and the ability to adjust the gain levels of the red, green and blue colour elements.


December 17, 2012, 12:22 pm

Whilst the TV is OK ,( it sounds is a little tinny). The service from this company and their delivery company is shocking. TV arrived two days late and in the afternoon despite booking and paying for a morning delivery slot. In fact the courier company advised that Finlux cannot guarantee a morning or afternoon slot and charge this fee just to make some extra money. We were also advised that if we were not in, then we would have to go to the depot to collect.The TV eventually did turn up , in the back of an old battered Fiesta with the seats down and delivered by two youths. It was accepted by my wife, but had I been in, I certainly would'nt have accepted delivery of the item as it wouldn't have been properly looked after. I have asked for an explanation from Finlux and return of my delivery fee but after a few days have still not had a response. You have been warned. Cheap but there is no way I would recommend this company. I dare not think what will happen if anything goes wrong with the TV.


February 5, 2013, 8:11 pm

TVs from Finlux are average, but the service is
just appalling. My order (32" LED TV) from Finlux was delayed by more than
a week. All that time the customer advisers at Finlux kept giving contradicting
information. When I went to collect the unit (so much for my prepaid
"Saturday delivery"!) at third attempt, I was presented with the TV
in an open plastic bag! Finlux could not coherently confirm whether the
warranty would remain valid, so I refused to accept the order. Finlux assured
me that the refund "should arrive promptly within 5 working days".
After 10 days, when nothing arrived, another adviser cheerfully guaranteed 5
days from that time, because "now they have received the TV back"! At
the moment, it's been more than a month and I still have not seen my money. The
number of blatant lies that I heard from Finlux during this time is beyond
belief. The information given by anybody in this company is never based on
anything real. By the way, Finlux as business does not exist in the U.K., or
Finland, for that matter. The company is now based in Turkey and the name is
different. Try to Google them and observe the result. The proud statement
"EST. FINLAND 1964" on Finlux website is true only with regards to
the name itself. So, yet another lie. Verdict: stay away! Get a good TV from a
reputable supplier.

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