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BlackBerry Bold 9790 - Screen and Connectivity

By Edward Chester



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Measuring 2.45in from corner to corner and with a resolution of only 480 x 360 pixels, the BlackBerry Bold 9790's LCD display is rather limiting for watching video, playing games or even just browsing the web. The latter in particular can require a rather time-consuming amount of zooming in and out and scrolling around. As such it feels like a marked step backwards compared to the larger high resolution screen of the BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Otherwise the screen is good quality with a good level of brightness, vivid colours, and surprisingly wide viewing angles for an LCD. Touch response is also good, and multitouch is supported for easily scrolling and zooming.

BlackBerry Bold 9790

Around the sides of the phone is a good selection of buttons, though not all of them are nice to use. Up top is the screen lock/unlock button, which is incorporated into the plastic curvature of the screen. Due to the phone's modest size (110 x 60 x 11.4 mm) and the width of the button it's easy to reach one handed, which surprisingly still isn't a guarantee on many phones.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 6

On the right edge are two volume buttons, inbetween which sits a play/pause button for stopping and starting music and video playback. Further down is the camera button. All are incredibly thin and quite stiff, so can be a bit difficult to use, though you do somewhat get the knack.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 7

Something you don't get used to though is the headphone jack being on the left. Unless you have a headset/headphones/earphones with an angled jack plug, the plug/cable sticks out awkwardly, making the phone a pig to fit in a pocket. At least the basic included headset has an angled jack.

Meanwhile on the bottom is a standard microUSB socket for charging the phone and connecting to a computer. Usefully, the charger is a split unit with a nice compact plug - the whole thing is the size of a standard UK plug – incorporating a USB socket into which the supplied USB/microUSB cable plugs. You can also just drag and drop media files onto the phone, rather than having to rely on syncing software like Zune or iTunes.

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January 25, 2012, 4:08 am

Also you have option of Blackberry Balance and BES and the other corporate stuff. But that is adding alot to the cost. But with RIM's Mobile Fusion coming along and QNX. Might be hard to put up with for 2 years. Also BlackBerry Traffic is US /Canada only :( and no visual voicemail which you get on iPhone.


January 25, 2012, 4:11 am

Typo the display is 480x360 not 640x480. Please fix.

Martin Daler

January 25, 2012, 3:20 pm

screen resolution differs between spec pages and the first bullet point of your review

David Gilbert

January 25, 2012, 8:26 pm

@Peter @Martin Thanks for the spot, has been remedied now.

Gillian marshall ∞

January 28, 2013, 4:41 pm

I have the 9790 and it has caused me nothing but problems ever since having it. I've had this phone for only 5 months and i have had to send it back numerous times due to problems and had another 9790 send out due to the other being faulty, this one having the same problems as the last. Constantly freezes, flash on camera isn't always reliable, touch screen has stopped working numerous times and has caused me to loose my contacts, apps, messages and files on more than one occasion and also does not charge frequently when plugged in. waste of money.


November 19, 2013, 1:15 pm

This phone is stupid, i've had this phone for 18 months now and I wish I never had got it; the battery only stays on for 7 hours at the most, the phone is easy to break if you accendently dropped it. This phone broke a week and a half after I got it, I have had constantly had to glue parts together as I'm on contract I can't get a New phone until july 2014. I did think it waas a good phone until the loading symbol was constant. When my phone does have the loading symbol it does it for about 15 minutes without changing and the phone heats up and restars the phone which happens to me about 3 times a day. I would get this phone, a Nokia Brick phone is better then this phone!

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