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Best Fridge Freezer: 10 best 60cm and side-by-side fridge freezers


A good fridge freezer is a kitchen essential, so it's worth doing your research. Luckily, we did it for you. Our best fridge freezer round-up splits them into two categories: the best 60cm fridge freezers and the best side-by-side fridge freezers.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional 60cm fridge freezer or a larger side-by-side or French door fridge freezer, this round-up has all bases covered. There are pricey fridge freezers and cheap fridge freezers that deliver performance at a reasonable price.

There are a lot more areas to consider than type and style, too. We’ve also sized up storage capacity, running costs, noise, consistency, insulation, humidity and extras, such as water dispensers and additional drawers.

Click the ‘Next’ arrow above or browse the list below to view our favourites, or read on find out how we test fridge freezers.

This Week's Best Fridge Freezer Deals

Kenwood KFC60X15 at Currys.co.uk | Was £469.99 | Now £299.99

Hotpoint First Edition RFAA52P at Amazon.co.uk | Was £329.99 | Now £218.99

Best 60cm Fridge Freezers

Haier A2FE635CFJ | £419 | 248-litre fridge | 99-litre freezer TrustedReviews Editor's Pick

Samsung RL60GZEIHHi | £599 | 288-litre fridge | 112-litre freezer – Best for Fridge Space

Miele KFN29233 D BB Blackboard | £1,411 | 260-litre fridge | 101-litre freezer – Best for Drawing On

Whirlpool BSNF 9152 OX | £599 | 266-litre fridge | 122-litre freezer – Best for Freezer Space

Siemens KG3 6NHI32 | £912 | 234-litre fridge | 86-litre freezer Best for Remote Food Spying

Servis C60185NF | £579 | 237-litre fridge | 98-litre freezer – Best Retro Fridge Freezer

Best side-by-side Fridge Freezers

Samsung RH57H90507F | £1,599 | 394-litre fridge | 176-litre freezer – TrustedReviews Editor's Pick

Hisense RQ RQ560N4WC1 | £599.99 | 289-litres fridge | 2 x 71-litre freezers – Best for Running Costs

Beko ASD241 | £599 | 364-litre fridge | 190-litre freezer – Best Cheap American-Style Fridge Freezer

Samsung RF24FSEDBSR | £1,600 | 348-litre fridge | 123-litre freezer – Best French Door Fridge Freezer

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How we test fridge freezers

We put all fridge freezers through the same meticulous tests to ensure that real-life performance actually matches the claims.

After a 48-hour bedding in procedure, during which we plumb in any water cooling/ice making features and allow temperatures to settle, we load up the fridge freezers with a set amount of food and water in both the fridge and freezer sections. We then track temperatures in multiple areas of each section through the next 48 hours, holding the doors open at regular intervals to simulate typical usage.

For every 10 litres of claimed space in the fridge compartment, we load each unit with 0.5kg of food and for each 10 litres of space in the freezer we add 1kg of food. We also add a 2-litre open container of water to the freezer, in which we embed a temperature probe.

Along the way we also track total power usage and noise levels. Finally, we simulate a power cut by turning the fridge freezer off for three hours and tracking the subsequent temperature rise, which indicates how well-insulated the unit is.

Prem Desai

January 7, 2017, 9:09 am

Very informative review. Thank you.

The one thing I would like to know is about noise made these appliances. The dB levels are mentioned, but in actual use, many of these appliances make some weird gurgling / slurping type sounds which are really, really intrusive. In my experience (limited), it applies to 100% of Beko products, some Bosch and some Samsung appliances.

John Borg

February 16, 2017, 10:25 am

i am having a problem techwood GN466IX+ IT STOPS COOLING IN FRIDGE SECTION has anyone encountered this problem ?

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