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Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV review




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Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV
  • Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV
  • Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV
  • Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV
  • Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV
  • Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV
  • Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV
  • Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV
  • Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D 40in LCD TV


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As John pointed out in his review of the Toshiba Regza 42XF505DB a little while ago, last year's range of HDTVs from Toshiba were inconsistent to say the least. It appeared that not only did different models in the range exhibit wildly different picture quality, but even identical models had a habit of behaving like chalk and cheese. Both John and myself talked with Toshiba at length about these issues and we're both hoping that this year's range of sets can exorcise those inconsistency demons once and for all.

Last year also saw the introduction of the XF range, which wrapped decent size panels in cases with unbelievably slim bezels. The result was a 40in LCD TV with a physical size that was considerably smaller than many rival 37in models. On paper this was great, but the reality left a lot to be desired. You see inconsistency wasn't the only problem with last year's range, Toshiba's sets also suffered from quite poor black level response. The disappointing black levels were something that I was willing to let slip slightly back in May 2007, when I reviewed the Regza 42X3030D, but by the end of last year Toshiba was still putting out sets with very disappointing black levels that simply couldn't compete with rival models - the Regza 40XF355D highlighted this problem when I reviewed it.

Another problem with the XF range was that it injected a degree of schizophrenia into the Toshiba range - while the XF looked like it was the flagship model, with its slim bezel and catwalk looks, it lacked the features of the Z series, which sported 100Hz processing and 5:5 pulldown for 1080p 24Hz playback. The result was that many consumers wanted the features of the Z series, but in the chassis of the XF series; an option that simply wasn't available to them. So, it was with some trepidation that I unboxed the new 40ZF355D, which is set to pick up where the 40XF355D left off. The good news is that before I'd even switched on the 40ZF355D, the specification sticker informed me that some of the problems with its predecessor had been addressed.

Let's start with the basics - the 40ZF355D is a great looking television, and I can tell just from looking at it that it's smaller than the 37in Panasonic plasma that I have at home. As with the 40XF355D before it, the 40ZF355D doesn't actually look like a 40in TV, despite the fact that it is. The super slim bezel actually makes it look like it's a 37in model, so if you're looking for a TV that's going to dominate your room and impress your mates, then this isn't the set for you. However, if you previously thought you could only squeeze a 37in screen into your living room, you'll be glad to hear that you can have a few more inches than you first thought. And let's face it, as the endless amount of spam email that hits my inbox keeps telling me, a few more inches can make all the difference!

mr. jones

June 26, 2008, 4:50 pm

Thanks for the review - it's a shame that Toshiba haven't fixed the inconsistency issues though, with the 46" model in this range only listed as having a 20000:1 contrast ratio as opposed to the 30000:1 listed for the 40"!

Bert Jamin

September 24, 2008, 9:24 pm

Thanks for the great review. As always I look at your review whenever I'm planning to buy something. Based on your review I bought the Toshiba 40ZF355D. It really is as great as you wrote in your review! I do have one question. In a lot of other reviews is mentioned that the standard factory picture settings are very bad. I'm planning to have my TV calibrated. That will be done in December. In the meantime I would like to know what the best picture settings are. Could you please tell me what the best picture settings are for the 40ZF355D? Thanks in advance and keep on the very good work!



Robin 635

February 8, 2009, 8:50 pm

Great review but now disappointed can't find one.were they so good they sold out?

shirley sayers

February 18, 2009, 5:39 pm

MY Toshiba 40XF355 in now just 1 year old (and therefore out of the guarantee)and developed a problem with the colour control panel, (we have a 100 cm vertcal line in a paler colour than the rest of the screen). We have now been told the TV has a fault and will have to be replaced (just as well we took out insurance_. Will this happen again if it is replaced with the same model!!

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