WiFi Finder Android App Review

If you’re out in the sticks, stuck with a slow mobile phone data connection – or abroad and don’t want to rack-up hefty data roaming charges, using Wi-Fi is often a better option. However, finding a Wi-Fi hotspot in an area you’re not familiar with can be challenging. WiFi finder can come to the rescue in these situations.
WiFi Finder
Crucially it contains an offline database stored locally on your phone of over 500,000 free and paid for Wi-Fi hotspots covering 144 countries. The app lets you scan for hotspots around you and you can filter either by free or paid options, venue type (cafes, hotels etc) or by service provider. Locations can either be shown on a map or searched just by their address.


Wi-Fi finder is worth having installed on your phone for those times when your carrier’s mobile data network is too slow or expensive to use.

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