Samsung SGH-U700V Review


While I wait for Samsung’s recently announced five megapixel G600 to arrive, I’ve settled down with its SGH-U700V. This mobile is exclusive to Vodafone as I write, and is available from free depending on your chosen contract. It is essentially an update to the SGH-U600 I reviewed in May.

Just like the U600, the U700 is a very thin slider phone. In fact the two phones share similar dimensions. The U700 is a shade thicker and wider that the U600, though it’s not quite as tall when closed. When opened though it’s ever so slightly taller than the U600. It’s also put on a bit- to the tune of 5g. None of these differences should be enough to sway you towards or away from one handset or the other.

So what else has changed? Well essentially this new handset has been upgraded in some respects, downgraded in others and it has a new livery. There is a pink version available, but my Vodafone sample, thanks goodness, was styled in silver tones.

The bulk of the casing is made of light coloured silver plastic, and frankly is a bit disappointing.

The front fascia though, which is what you see most of the time when you use a mobile, is rather more pleasing. It has chrome-look edging and you can peer at yourself using the mirror-like grey and black area that surrounds and houses the screen. The white backlight to all the buttons – including the Call and End ones – contributes to this handset’s distinctive look. Reflective it may be, but the front fascia seems more resistant than many other examples to fingermarks.

When using the phone rather than preening yourself the screen matches the U600 with its 2.2 diagonal inches, 262,000 colours and 240 x 320 pixels.

I had some big issues with the U600 in terms of general usability, and I am afraid they are still there with this handset. Opening the slider is no problem. There is no ridge to get hold of with a thumb, but there is a good springloaded mechanism.