Samsung ML-1865W Review



  • Single button WPS setup
  • Clean, dense black text
  • Better than average running costs


  • No cover to paper tray
  • No single-sheet feed
  • No high-yield toner cartridge available

Key Features

  • Review Price: £89.44
  • Small footprint
  • Wireless connection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast print for class
  • Internet scrapbooking software

Inexpensive mono laser printers continue to pop up at regular intervals and Samsung is one of the main manufacturers. Its ML-1865W is a petite printer, ideally suited to partner a laptop for anybody with occasional, high-quality black print needs.

The gloss and matt plastic case has a slight curve to its top surface and broad radii to its vertical corners. With both its trays closed, it tucks away easily on a desktop or shelf. Flip down the front cover and pull out the paper stop to load up to 150 sheets of A4 paper, though there’s no single-sheet feed for special media.

Similarly, flip over the top cover to make a paper output tray. Although these two trays increase the footprint of the printer, it’s still more modestly dimensioned than any single-function inkjet.

The simple control panel has two indicators, for power and wireless connection, and two buttons, for the same. The wireless WPS button is dedicated to wireless setup – pressing it, followed by its equivalent on your wireless router, should make the connection quickly and automatically; it did in our case.

If you don’t want to use wireless connection, there’s a single USB socket at the back, as well as the normal kettle socket for mains connection. The ML-1865W’s power supply is internal, so there’s no separate power brick.

The printer is supplied with its drum and toner cartridge pre-installed, but it’s very easy to replace when the time comes. Lift the top cover and the cartridge slots down deep into the interior of the machine. It has a convenient handle to hold it by, when inserting or extracting it.

The software comprises a driver and AnyWeb Print, a scrapboarding utility for collecting and printing selections of text and graphics from Web pages.