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ProPorta Mizu Shell Kindle 4 Case Review


  • Adds little bulk to your Kindle
  • Snug fit


  • No screen protection
  • Glossy finish attracts fingerprints

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £19.95
  • Tough silicone case
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Snug fit

The ProPorta Mizu Shell case for your Kindle 4 ereader is certainly the cover which adds the least bulk to your Kindle which will be just what some people want, but a lack of screen protection is a major omission.

The ProPorta Mizu Shell is a tough silicone shell which fits your Kindle 4 like a glove – a very tight fitting glove of course. Comprised of a single piece of silicone, there’s not much to the ProPorta Mizu Shell but it does promise to offer serious protection to your Kindle thanks to the touch material it is made from.

ProPorta Mizu Shell Kindle 4 Case 1

Fitting the Kindle into the case is not the easiest operation in the world and not something you will want to do again and again. Thankfully ProPorta has included a number of cut-outs which means you should never need to take you ereader out of its case.

Getting the Kindle into the case is done by inserting two corners into the bottom of the case and then stretching the silicone case around the corners at the start. As we said, it’s not the easiest of operations but once you get it done, it does mean your Kindle sits snugly inside the case.

ProPorta Mizu Shell Kindle 4 Case 2

Using your Kindle while it is in this case is not the easiest thing in the world to do. The page turning buttons have been etched into the silicone case but pressing them is no where near as responsive as pressing the actual buttons themselves and makes it rather frustrating to turn pages, which is something you will be doing on a pretty regular bases.

Another cut-out is on the bottom of the case to let you access the charging port and screen lock/unlock button, both of which are very easily accessible. There are also cut-outs on the rear for the two metal contacts which are used for the official Kindle case with a light – though why ProPorta left these exposed is rather strange.

ProPorta Mizu Shell Kindle 4 Case

The main problem with the case is that if you put it in your rucksack or handbag then there is the chance the screen of your Kindle will get scratched as there is no screen protection. This is where the Mizu Shell falls down in comparison to most other cases and covers.

If, however, you don’t ever carry your Kindle around in a bag, its tough silicone exterior will certainly offer protection from knocks and drops. However, the issue with the rather spongy feedback turning pages is still there and might be too much of a problem for many to get over.

ProPorta Mizu Shell Kindle 4 Case 5

The ProPorta Mizu Shell is a Kindle 4 cover which will add only a few millimetres to the profile of your ereader and is made from tough silicone so it should offer decent protection from knocks or drops. However, a lack of screen protection and a not very pleasing button action means this is far from the perfect ereader cover.

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