Porsche Cayman 2.9 PDK


Is Porsche’s pretty little Cayman the best pound-for-pound sports car you can buy? Many have argued just that. It’s certainly an absolute riot to drive. The chassis in particular is a masterpiece; light and lithe, precise and poised, fluid and feelsome. Then there’s the classic flat-six engine note, deep-down engineering integrity and the minor matter of one of the most desirable badges in the world. It’s a killer package, no doubt.

But Porsches have never just been about driving dynamics or street cred. Day-to-day usability is also a crucial part of the experience. Buyers expect Ferrari-flattening moves combined with the sort of in-car features and functionality you might find in a Mercedes or BMW. It’s what makes a Porsche such a great all round ownership proposition while other sports cars are merely toys for the weekend thrash. In other words, in-car technology and practicality probably matters more in a Porsche than any other high-end road rocket.

With that in mind, Porsche kindly loaned us an example of the new facelifted Cayman in 2.9-litre 265hp trim. Our car is kitted out with most of the key in-car options including the latest version of Porsche’s infotainment platform, known as Porsche Communication Management or PCM 3.0. Adding to the mix, it also packs the new double-clutch PDK 7-speed gearbox and PASM active suspension package, not to mention the full leather interior, Sport Chrono lap-timing tech and upgraded audio kit. Oh, and Porsche has bolted on 19-inch Carrera Classic wheels, slotted a limited-slip differential into the rear and dropped in bi-xenon headlamps, among other items from the immense options list.

What we have, therefore, is a maxxed out car with a price to match. Nearly £50,000 is obviously a monstrous amount of money to pay for the basic 2.9l Cayman. Best therefore to think of this particular car as an options list showcase rather than a serious purchase proposition. Thus, with launch mode engaged on the PDK box, let’s roll…