Nokia 7373 Pink Phone Review


Nokia’s L’Amour Collection of handsets had managed to evade my clutches, but that situation ended when I was sent a 7373. SIM free it’ll set you back £174 (inc VAT) from Nokia’s online store, but go with an operator and you can get it for free.

Nokia could have chosen to send either a pink or a black version of this handset and opted for the former. I’m sure Nokia doesn’t want anyone to equate this phone with sweet, sticky food, but I just can’t help it. The fascia, reliant on a pink background with darker pink swirls and cream edging reminds me of nothing more than raspberry ripple ice-cream. Meanwhile the back has a pink faux leather effect to the battery cover and more cream (raspberries and, well, cream of course). And when you open the phone up to get at its keyboard, the back of the screen section sports a bronze plate with creamy swirls (shades of toffee and yet more cream).

Probably the most interesting thing about this phone is the way it opens. The 7373 looks like a clamshell handset, but in fact it is a swiveller. There’s a hinge at one end around which you turn the top and bottom sections to reveal the number pad. Do this and the screen rotates so that it is up the right way for viewing. It is the same system as used by Samsung’s SGH-X830

When the phone is opened the ‘Nokia’ branding sits above the screen. That’s OK. Close the phone and the screen swivels so that the branding sits at its bottom end – and is upside down!

Given that you can’t use the handset much when it is closed that’s probably a relatively minor issue. There are no front controls at all, so all you can do is fiddle with volume or start and use the camera taking advantage of a couple of side buttons. Do the latter and the screen moves into wide format so that you can hold it like a miniature digital camera, with the control button on a long edge under your right forefinger.