Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ Review


Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £562.44

Netgear may be an indomitable force in the home and small business networking market but one of its weakest links has always been storage. Whilst many of its competitors were busy delivering NAS appliances by the bucket load, Netgear made the not altogether wise decision of cosying up with Zetera Corporation and launching the SC101 and Storage Central Turbo appliances – an odd couple that never really caught on and have since been demoted to home entertainment storage solutions. Clearly, it needed something to offer small businesses and in May this year it made the laudable decision to acquire Infrant Technologies and its ReadyNAS products.

We’ve already given you the low-down on the ReadyNAS 1100 rack mount system and now we take a closer look at the latest ReadyNAS NV+. One feature that has always impressed us is that while the NV+ may be built like a tank it also looks good on the desktop. Furthermore, even though it has room for a quad of hot-swap SATA hard disks it is still one of the smallest appliances of its type. Cooling is handled by a large fan at the rear but the appliance is very quiet, making it suitable for both office and home use. The only external difference with the NV+ over its predecessor is the backlit LCD panel below the drives.

Usefully, this reveals the status of the unit during bootup and then settles back to show the IP address along with used and available disk space. It switches itself off after a few minutes and disappears behind the mirrored panel but can be brought back to life by jabbing the power button.

Although taken for granted a NAS appliance’s power supply is now much higher on the agenda as older boxes may not be able to handle the demands of the latest 750GB and 1TB SATA drives. We were advised by Netgear that the standard supply in the NV+ is sufficient for the higher capacity drives. Nothing’s changed in the processor department as the NV+ still sports Netgear’s IT3107 storage processor and this is teamed up with 256MB of memory.