LG D1484CF Review - Running Costs & Performance Review


LG D1484CF: How noisy is it?

We are seriously not sure what programme

the LG D1484CF was running when it achieved a 38dB noise rating for the

energy label. Our measurements were not even close to this and we found

the LG really rather noisy by modern standards of premium dishwashers.


direct drive motor attached directly to the pump may not make a lot of

noise in itself, but the water inrush and valve noises, followed by the

sheer ferocity of the jets of water hitting the inside of the cabinet

drowned that out anyway. The valve opening and water inrush noise with

our fairly high pressure domestic water feed made an intrusive 65dB,

albeit briefly.

The high pressure water jets were clearly

giving our test plates a power-wash but the resulting noise averaged

52dB over the main wash period. While that is a long way off LG’s

claimed 38dB, it’s actually about the same noise of most mass-market

dishwashers and equivalent to the ambient noise in an office


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LG D1484CF: How well does it wash?


standard dishwasher tests involve priming the machine and then running

two cycles with full load. As few people actually put the correct number

of place settings in a dishwasher we stack the machines with dirty

dishes, bowls and pans until it is full, exactly as you would in a

domestic environment.

Three key test ‘stains’ are included in

the main Auto wash, covering 24-hour dried on Weetabix and milk in a

ceramic bowl, 24-hour dried on scrambled egg in the Pyrex dish used to

cook the egg. A second full load wash on the machine’s Eco mode gives

the dishwasher a chance to show its green credentials to full effect.


that it sounded like our plates were being sand-blasted, it was no

surprise cleaning results were good. Using a standard triple action

(salt, detergent, rinse-aid) tablet, the wine stain and grease on the

glass had been removed completely and the glass itself was polished, dry

and free from streaks. There was very feint water stain on the bowl of

the glass, indicating this machine is best used with dishwasher salt

from its main reservoir rather than multi-function tablets. The Weetabix

never stood a chance against the power of the direct drive motor and

high-pressure jets.

The scrambled egg test – an impossible task

to clean completely but useful as ‘stress test’ – was above average but

did still show a fine ridge of egg particles around the fill line. For a

budget machine this would be a good performance, but we hope for a

little more from premium machines such as this.

That said, engage

one of the LG’s Steam programmes and the results get better and better.

We found that seriously grubby plates and pots, particularly those

nearest the steam vents got a very good buffing. This brought the LG’s

cleaning performance well up to the mark, albeit at the expense of a

little more electricity than its regular Auto and super-frugal Eco


The drying on all but the quick wash programme

proved exceptionally effective, particularly if you opened the door a

little and left the load half an hour before unloading. Running time for

the Auto wash was lengthy at two and three quarter hours and the Eco

mode went on for the best part of four hours.

LG D1484CF: How much will it cost to run?


a normal Automatic programme the LG uses around 1.3kWh of electricity

and a very reserved 14litres of water, which is a very respectable

result and on par with other A+++ rated machines. However, the LG

D1484CF’s Eco mode is truly green and with our lightly soiled second

test load, the Eco cycle used just 9 litres of water and a staggeringly

low 700Wh of electricity.

A dirtier load would no doubt trigger

the machine’s sensor to wash more intensely, but these figures are

already elevated slightly due to the to our mid-winter test meaning very

cold incoming water to heat. A superb result and our lowest running

cost dishwasher to date.

Should I buy the LG D1484CF?


definitely worth considering. The LG D1484CF is a great looking and easy

to use and features one of the most flexible load configurations we

have yet to see on a full-size dishwasher. If you’re often left

scratching your head trying to fit things in, the LG is on to look at.


not quite good enough to earn our recommendation, however. While it’s

very flexible and one of the most efficient machines we’ve tested, it’s

on the noisy side for a machine this price and heavily soiled wash loads

need the Steam programme assistance for best results, which will

increase running costs.

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A very flexible and efficient

machine that’s worth serious consideration, but we’d wait for the price

to drop as we think there are better machines at this price.