Idealo iPhone App Review

There’s nothing that takes the shine of a new purchase as

much as seeing the same item on sales for less than you paid for it moments

after you’ve emptied your wallet. The Idealo app aims to make these type of

‘doh’ moments a thing of the past. It lets you quickly compare the prices of

over 1 million products from more than 20,000 online shops to find the cheapest

deals. Idealo

You can search for products either via text, EAN numbers or by using the

built-in bar code scanner that uses your handset’s camera to capture the

barcode of products that you might spot while you’re out perusing real life

shops. The user interface is very slick and clean looking and the app responds

quickly with search results.


Idealo’s smart presentation, good range of features

and large database of retailers make it a good way to quickly compare online

prices for products.

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