HP w2207 22in LCD Monitor Review


Key Features

  • Review Price: £239.00

As was noted in my review of the Viewsonic VX2255wmh, 22in monitors are quickly becoming a very popular form factor. In this respect 1,680 x 1,050 has become the 1,280 x 1,024 of the widescreen age and every manufacturer is eager to make a claim to dominate this space, more or less guaranteeing that no one will.

One such company is HP, whose credentials in this market were done no harm when Riyad looked at its 30in offering, the LP3065. However, the 22in w2207 I’m looking at today has an altogether different character to its larger cousin. Sporting a ‘BrightView’ glossy finish, and effortlessly stylish design, it’s aimed squarely at the mass market of entertainment and gaming enthusiasts who want to spend a little money on something to brighten up their computing.

So what about that design? Well, the minute the HP left the box it was clear that in design the w2207 was a class apart from other models we’ve seen. The slim bezel is finished in an attractive and high quality glossy black, while a sliver highlight that runs along the top and bottom is another nice touch. Indeed, everything about the design simply oozes refinement. Even the four OSD buttons, aligned to the right of the bottom edge, have an understated class to them and there’s a refreshing lack of superfluous adornments such as stickers, just an HP logo and a model number, while the power button is banished to the top edge of the display.

Overall there’s little not to like, and it even trumps the Samsung 226BW which itself is no ugly duckling – far from it in fact. This design sensibility means that the w2207 is perfectly suited to any environment, be it the bedroom or living room – perhaps matched with the equally impressive looking HP Pavilion S3040 that Ed looked at recently? I can smell the chemistry already.

But let it not be said that the w2207 is all about appearance, because other elements of the design are just as impressive. Take the stand, which shares a similar design to that of Dell’s 2707WFP with a hinge mechanism providing the height adjustment. This is a very effective method, being flexible, secure and easy to operate. In addition to height adjustment of 11cm, there’s also tilt control from between -5 degrees (down) and 30 degrees. This combination means that the w2207 can be placed in the less orthodox upward pointing position, with the user looking down on the screen, favoured by the Eizo FlexScan HD2441W.