GO Weather Android App Review

As you can probably tell from the name, GO Weather is an app that shows you the forecast for your region. There’s a pretty broad selection of apps available in the market place that perform the same job, but what sets Go Weather apart from its peers is the finesse of its presentation. The application’s main screen shows the current weather conditions as a rolling high definition video accompanied by lots of information, such as maximum temperate, wind speed and humidity, overlaid as text over the top.
Go Weather
Below this there’s a sliding tab that lets you check out the forecast for the next six days. You can also pull this tab upwards to reveal a more detailed six day forecast. Alongside the main app, Go Weather installs a great-looking widget and some funky live wallpapers. All in all, it’s a very classy-looking package.  


Android may not be short of weather forecast applications, but thanks to its beautiful presentation and easy to use interface, GO Weather is one of the better ones out there.

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