Flick Golf! Android Game Review

Key Features

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Flick Golf is easy to play, but very difficult to put down. Even if you’re not a lover of putting small balls in tiny holes, you’re still likely to find this game pretty addictive. As you would expect, the aim of the game is to complete each course in as few strokes as possible.
Flick Golf!
You drive the ball by flicking your finger across the screen. When it’s in mid-air you can add spin by swiping quickly in the direction you want it to travel. The 3D scenery is beautifully drawn and the physics engine is tweaked to such perfection it even reflects different weather conditions. You gain points not just for landing in the zones closest to the hole, but also for correcting the flight of the ball as it travels through the air, so you’re rewarded for correcting poor strokes.


Flick Golf! looks beautiful, but it’s the simple and fun gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

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