Diversion Android Game Review

Diversion may be set in a futuristic 3D world, but its game play is closer to that of old school 1980s platformers, in that much of the action is dependent on timing jumps to perfection. The game plays out in quite a straightforward way. You take control of a character that’s running across a landscape with a camera tracking them from a 3rd person perspective. Diversion

As you run you have to jump over obstacles, such as gaps in the terrain, hurdles and mines, while also using other items like zip lines to progress along your route and collect as many gems as you can. These gems can then be used to unlock new outfits or characters. The graphics are excellent and the levels are very demanding, not least because they change every time you play them, so you never play the exact same level twice.


If you like platform type games, you’ll find that Diversion is one of the best available on Android right now, both in terms of graphics and game play.

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