Dell 5330dn



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Key Features

  • Review Price: £739.08

A mono laser printer in an office, likely to be shared by several people, needs to print fast enough not to hold anybody up. Dell’s 5330dn should certainly be up to that, as it’s rated at 50ppm, or close to a page a second.

The 5330dn is to printers what a Borg Cube is to starship design. Not unattractive, but it is pretty much a big, black cube. Since all other Dell kit is also black, it will fit well with this, but if your computers are the beige/cream of some other company, it’ll be more noticeable.

The printer has a bitmapped, backlit LCD panel sitting up, Toblerone-style, behind a rectangle of control buttons on the right side of the paper output slot. This slot is set deeply into the top cover, to the left of the controls and there’s a flip-up paper stop that you probably won’t need when printing A4 pages.

The main paper tray takes a full 500 sheets and a multi-purpose tray, which pulls down from the front panel, can take another 100 sheets of letterheads or envelopes. There’s plenty of expansion potential, too, as you can add a second 500-sheet tray as well as a massive, 2,100-sheet high-capacity feeder, giving a total input capacity of 3,200 sheets. An output expander, which clips on the top of the machine, increases the unattended output capacity to 1,000 pages.

At the back are sockets for USB, gigabit Ethernet and a legacy parallel port. The printer supports Windows, OS X, Linux and Unix. Supported Linux distributions include Red Hat, Fedora, Mandrake and SUSE. Dell provides emulations of both PCL6 and PostScript Level 3.

The drum and toner cartridge is a substantial, one-piece consumable, which drops into place once the front of the top panel is flipped up. It’s not that easy a fit and takes a bit of fiddling to get the cartridge into position, but with capacities of 10,000 or 20,000 pages, neither of the cartridges is going to be a frequent fiddle.